About myself:

I collect phonecards since 1993, but now only few themes:
hedgehogs, roses, Neuschwanstein, USSR cards, rodents, squirrels, bunnies.

The phonecard collecting and selling is my hobby, not my job.

I have a large quantity of Hungarian phonecards, I prefer the selling of them.

Of course I'm interested in swapping, but only for thematic cards.

Please, keep on your mind following:

  • Who first offer swap, first have to send cards
  • Don't send cards before we make agreement about cards for swap
  • I can't accept damaged, bent cards
  • More than 18 cards I will swap only by registered mail

I can offer for sale the most of Hungarian private cards with good prices.

Anybody can check the feedbacks about me at phonecard auctions sites:




My username is "blacko".

If you interested in any Hungarian cards or need info, write to me: e-mail

Happy collecting!!!



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